New city Web site will end hunger as we know it



Gosh, look at that. The city has a brand spankin' new Web site appearing just as the mayor is inaugurated to his second term. There are even riveting photos of the mayor looking down right gubernatorial, but the board's section of the site still mostly looks the same. Why aren't there any steamy photo slides of Mirkarimi or Elsbernd? The latter made a compelling speech at today's board meeting about, um, well, we're not quite sure 'cause he mumbles a lot. But we know that there were tigers involved.

Sen. Feinstein swore in DA Kamala Harris as well. It is indeed a new day in San Francisco, people. Okay, maybe not for that guy who was shot several times shortly before Midnight on Monday at 26th and Mission. But hey, we were still able to find the city's vendor database on the snappy new site, so we can at least see who's doing business with San Francisco and for how much. There's actually a lot about the site that doesn't look all that new, save for how press releases from the mayor's office are presented.

Maybe today was just another day in San Francisco after all.

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