Limbaugh decries cops who want 'special rights'


Okay, so maybe that's actually the phrase Rush Limbaugh uses to describe LGBT rights. But when the folks in law enforcement, mostly a conservative bunch, start demanding special treatment, shouldn't conservative pundits hit the ceiling then, too? Of course not. That would alienate a significant portion of their listening audience.


We've already written in the past about police in the state of California winning special protections against publicly disclosing their personnel records. But why should their salaries be kept secret also? And their badge numbers? And, the Contra Costa Times explains in that last link, their identities?

Being a cop is tough, yeah. Just read the thousands of pages of evidence filed in Superior Court for Dennis Herrera's gang injunctions. They read like an episode of The Wire. (Seriously, we're surprised more reporters aren't pouring over those records. There's a whole lot in there about local criminal activity you haven't seen in the news, and this is the only time you'll have public access to so many details of what the SFPD's Gang Task Force is up to.)

But why should salaries be kept secret, particularly when the police union's new contract has played such a significant role in this year's local budget deficit? All those stories from Matier & Ross about how much it costs to provide a police presence at political demonstrations would just be ruined if the police had their way. The CoCo Times and the LA Times have already been through this battle with the state Supreme Court.

Is the police lobby really that strong in Sacramento?

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