Examiner expanding to Sundays



Editor & Publisher is reporting that the San Francisco Examiner will be creating a Sunday edition of the paper and also expanding its Thursday edition. Right now it's published six days a week. It will also be scaling back home delivery of the free paper -- residents have been enraged over them piling up on their porches -- to Thursday and Sunday.

It seems odd that a newspaper company would be growing its deadwood edition when so many dailies are laying people off and trimming back operating expenses. But one theory says that the Examiner papers, which are also available in Washington and Baltimore, are popular even among younger readers because they're free, easy to pick up on the way to public transit and contain mostly boiled down local coverage. The company that owns the Examiner, Clarity Media Group, took over the Examiner in 2004 after the Fang family nearly ran it into the ground.

Clarity Media is owned by Denver billionaire Philip Anschutz. E&P adds that no layoffs or other cuts are tied to the changes and no other financial details related to the changes were revealed. Clarity CEO Ryan McKibben issued a public statement about the changes, but remarkably, for a newspaperman, his comments didn't contribute a thing to our understanding of how Clarity is actually succeeding in this biz.

According to his statement:

“It’s no secret that this is a very difficult period for our industry. But it’s actually an exciting time when one has the necessary talent and is sufficiently nimble and innovative -- to effectively meet the demands of rapidly changing markets. That’s where Clarity Media Group, with the Examiner newspapers and examiner.com, is well-positioned.”

Huh? Wha?

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