DCCC endorses....


The newly elected progressive block of the local Democratic Party flexed their muscles during tonight's endorsements. It was a full house, with only Rep. Nancy Pelosi's seat empty. She neglected (perhaps purposefully) to send a proxy.

Many of the supervisors' measures passed -- including the Affordable Housing measure and the Clean Energy Act. All of the items put on the ballot by Mayor Gavin Newsom failed, despite a small consistent cabal following his centrist party line. Sen. Dianne Feinstein's proxy cast steady abstentions on many local issues, with notable "no" votes against Affordable Housing, Clean Energy, and decriminalizing prostitution. She did, however, support Newsom's Community Justice Center, which some pointed out had already been funded and should have been taken off the ballot.

All the progressive candidates handily won top seats, with David Campos beating out Eric Quezada in the hot district nine race. Nods went to incumbents Elsbernd and Chu. There was a lot of debate over whether to select second and third choices for ranked choice voting in the district supervisor races. Though there were attempts to get second and third seats filled, there was too much division among candidates and enough progressives stuck with "no endorsement" for those seats to keep solidarity behind the top seeded candidate. After some talk about the need to have at least one woman on the slate, Denise McCarthy, running in district three, was the only candidate to receive the second billing, getting votes from Debra Walker and Michael Goldstein, who stepped outside the progressive contingent that was urging a "no endorsement" vote to keep loyalty lined up behind Chiu.

The Clean Energy Act received a healthy majority of 22, with more choosing to abstain than cast a "no." Tom Hsieh, Joe Julian, Megan Levitan, Mike Tuchow, Dianne Feinstein, and August Longo, voted against it while Laura Spanjian, Scott Wiener, Jackie Speier, Leland Yee, and Fiona Ma, abstained.

The complete rundown, after the jump:

SF General Bond -- YES -- by acclamation
Affordable Housing -- YES -- 25 yes, 6 no, 2 abstain
Create an independent Ratepayer Advocate -- NO -- 19 no, 10 yes, 4 abstain
Raising the number of signatures for a recall election -- YES -- 28 yes, 4 no, 1 abstain
City employees on charters and boards -- NO
City Elections on even numbered years -- YES
Unpaid parental leave -- YES
Clean Energy Act -- YES -- 22 yes, 6 no, 5 abstain
Pier 70 Plan -- YES
Historic Preservation Commission -- YES
Treatment on Demand Act -- YES
Set asides must be funded -- NO
Community Justice Center -- NO -- 10 yes, 15 no, 1 abstain, 7 no endorsement
Transportation Authority -- NO
George W. Bush Sewage Plant -- NO POSITION
Decriminalizing prostitution -- YES -- 18 yes, 12 no, 3 abstain
Emergency Response Fee -- YES
Payroll Tax -- YES
Real Property Transfer Tax -- YES
Tenants rights -- YES
Funding in Iraq -- YES
JROTC -- YES -- 20 yes, 10 no, 3 abstain

District 1 -- ERIC MAR
District 4 -- CARMEN CHU
District 7 -- SEAN ELSBERND
District 9 -- DAVID CAMPOS
District 11 -- JOHN AVALOS

Natalie Berg
Chris Jackson
Milton Marks
Steve Ngo