New poll shows Obama leading 7:0


My colleague Paula is, like me, an Obama Girl.

And like me, she was beginning to feel down after reading reports that McCain is narrowing Obama’s lead in the polls.
And then there are the columnists, who are attacking Obama for not being tough enough on Clinton, McCain, and everything.

Rather than letting the media spin get to me, I took another lunch time walk in the neighborhood, on the look out for more signs and portents.

This is what I found:

Obama has coast to coast support.

At least, until you get higher up Potrero Hill, where you begin to find the Kerry diehards.

And the Dennis Kucinich fans.

But the minute you start coming back down the hill, there are Obama stencils on the stone staircase railings.

In fact, now even the flies are for Obama.

And people who have bars over their windows support him.

As do people with blinds.

And fancy windows.

And fancy doors.

By the time I headed back to work, I was feeling a whole lot sunnier.

And back at the office, even the cube farm was showing its support. Just not for McCain.
In fact, according to this albeit highly informal walking poll, Obama is leading McCain by 7 signs to 0.