Ice Man Cometh for Undocumented Youth


Sifferman confirms that San Francisco will contact ICE about undocumented juveniles.

On the eve of the seventh anniversary of 9/11, San Francisco's Chief Probation Officer William P. Siffermann announced that it is now the policy of the City's Juvenile Probation Department, “to inform the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in every case where a person is in custody after being booked for the alleged commission of a felony and is suspected of violating the civil provisions of the immigration laws.”

Sifferman’s report on the City’s juvenile probation policy marks a pronounced rightward shift away from San Francisco’s original Sanctuary City policy. And while his report is dated August 26, immigration rights advocates confirm that the City has been cooperating with ICE since July, when Mayor Gavin Newsom announced that he was exploring a run for Governor.

But beyond appearing to make gubernatorial hopeful Newsom look tough on crime, this policy shift means that authority has been taken away from San Francisco's Juvenile Court system, without so much as please or thank you.

And then there's the unfortunate reality that this policy will likely make undocumented persons who witness, or are victims of crime, go deeper into the shadows, giving gangs like MS-13 even greater impunity.

If you don't believe me that this new policy raises some seriously red flags, consider the following extract from Siffermann's report:

“In determining whether there is reasonable suspicion [my italics] that a person is present in violation of the fedeal immigration laws, the On-Duty officer shall take into consideration a combination of objective factors including but not limited to…presence of undocumented persons in the same areas where arrested or involved in the same illegal activity, affiliation with a criminal street gang known to be comprised of undocumented persons, [my italics] and court or criminal history information showing a prior ICE hold or proceedings.”

Wow, that sounds pretty all-encompasssing.

Or how about this:

“Promptly after [my italics] notifying ICE, the assiged Probation Officer shall make reasonable attempts to inform the person’s parent, guardian or other responsible adult of the referral to ICE.”

So, even before guilt is established, and long before undocumented juveniles have a chance of having their alleged felony charges dropped or reduced, ICE will be alerted? Double Wow. Hardly the kind of situation that will make their undocumented mommas and papas want to visit them at Juvenile Hall any time soon.

Ron Stueckle of Sunset Youth Services perhaps summed it up best when he voiced his feeling that it was “morally wrong” for the San Francisco to be helping ICE in this way.

“I’m not talking about harboring felons and fugitives or letting terrorists hide in the caves of Twin Peaks,.“ Stueckle said. “I’m talking about youth who are trying desperately for survival.”


Sealing the border is an expensive knee-jerk proposition that could end up being used against all of us. Imagine a two tiered border patrol that keep us all in. Do you really have that much faith in authority? Your mother may love you, but your government doesn't.

The lack of forethought behind the anti-immigrant movement never ceases to amaze me. While you're busy scapegoating the immigrants, our civil liberties are quickly evaporating. Quit giving the government opportunities to step up their control game.

Posted by Lea Reiter on Sep. 14, 2008 @ 12:17 pm

So many crimes are happening across America, that usually do not warrant any national press report. Thousands have been needless caused under the sheltering blanket of 'SANCTUARY CITIES' The question is, has this been going on for decades? That only because we have the Internet, instant communication that everybody knows almost immediately? Or is it because the masses of illegal people entering this nation, without being screened has brought with them a third world mentality?

If it wasn't for Independent Journalists like Lou Dobbs of CNN or O'Reilly from FOX, Glenn Beck, as the population of activists Americans would forever remain in the dark. Pro-immigrant zealots don't like it, because the average citizen or legal resident has a say in this explosive issue. Regular citizens have become the first line of defense of corrupt politicians and the special interest lobby, that remain in collusion with far-left (9th district court) judges and extremist groups which border on tyranny.

We have the violent street gangs protected by 'Sanctuary cities' like Los Angeles. Although thousands have died under the masquerade of Sanctuary city policies. Mayor Villigrossa of Los Angeles, followed closely by Mayor Newsom of San Francisco have allowed the obscene police law to propagate. Even as a speak three lives were taken in Aurora, Colorado by another illegal alien thanks to Mayor John Hickenlooper’s. Yet another two police officers killed in cold blood, by another illegal alien who escaped to Mexico. In Texas Officer Rodney Johnson was gunned down after making a routine traffic stop and arrest. Houston Police Officer Gary Gryder was struck and killed by a driver. the shooting death of Fort Myers police officer Andrew Widman. These deaths should never have happened, if it wasn't for tainted politicians intentionally subverting the laws. These disturbing deaths are ricocheting around the Internet, but not in the liberalized national media. Go to the under mentioned websites below and GOOGLE the widespread carnage.

Then we have honest, pro-American Mayors like Lou Barletta of Hazleton and the Governor Don Carcieri fighting for there citizens, but demonized by anti-sovereignty groups like the ACLU, Southern Poverty League zealots and the US Chamber of Commerce. There is a anti-illegal war that is about to boil over as legal Americans finally realize the extent of the occupation. It's US, against THEM? Them being the corrupt politicians who genuflect to the corporate world, who without any conscious

According to the (1986) Immigration Control act. Section 274 felonies under the federal Immigration and Nationality Act, INA 274A(a)(1)(A): they broke Federal law. It states, "..a person (including a group of persons, business, organization, or local government) Then Mayor Newsom, Mayor Villigrossa who must be held accountable for the deaths of 3 Bolgna family members, Jamiel Shaw under the obnoxious 'Sanctuary City' laws by illegal gang member filth.

So we cannot blame completely the US government for not uphold the immigration laws, as cities as Los Angeles, CA San Francisco, CA, Denver, CO, Austin, TX, Chicago and many more have taken it upon themselves to give refuge to all illegal immigrants and perhaps hundreds of thousands of criminals from the gutters of third world countries.

Americans do not have the financial backing of corporate farms, Foundations, business CARTELS of funds extracted from taxpayers without their knowledge. Funding anti-sovereignty, extremist entities like La Raza (the Race), Army of National Liberation and Mexicanos Sin Fronteras (Mexicans Without Borders, just to name two.

Those who steal across our perforated fence, includes the criminal element that think they above above US law. Each day citizens are slain on the roads of America, by drunk illegal drivers. This is far from isolated case, because these accident reports are not necessary revealed by the biased press. Pedestrians have become 'road kill' daily, especially when the victims are innocent children. Do not expect to read about this carnage in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times. You need to dig deeper in rural newspapers or the e-media on the Internet, to find the unsuppressed facts.

Then we have the violent street gangs protected by 'Sanctuary cities' like Los Angeles. The unsuppressed news reports will tell you about the child pedophiles, female assaults, murders, robbers and Social security theft that do not get wide press. Thousands of families are left to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. The pro-immigrant zealots use the same mantra, that citizens and legal residents commit these crimes also...? But why when we have our own inmate crowding our prisons, should we need to support illegal foreign nationals criminals. Today we cannot even deport them and breathe a sigh of relief, because it seems like days before the return via the porous fence to violate our penal laws.

Americans are sick and tired of these Sanctuary city laws; but not just SANCTUARY CITIES, but states as well? It's costing taxpayers to much money to give social welfare to illegal aliens. But far, far worse is the sheltering of violent and predatory criminal animals that are preying on innocent Americans and even their own people.

As of this week 27 radio stations and growing is a massive revolution against this invasion. Alas the numbers of actual illegal aliens occupying this nation has been doctored, as it has for many years. Lou Dobbs of CNN cable has seen this infestation of illegal people become epidemic and still propagating as thousands slip pass our undermanned border patrol everyday. Numberusa, a pro-sovereignty entity has gained nearly 760.000 subscribers and that is growing in patriotic volume.

It seems like our 'Rule of Laws' are violated everyday, because the business empire demands cheap labor. Our corrupt politicians play games with American lives because they refuse to enforce immigration laws. All encompassing is the Federal SAVE ACT(H.R.4088) that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to derail along with the original two-tier border fence.We need 'zero tolerance' enforcement, that will give maximum arrest and detainment of predator employers of illegal immigrants. South Carolina just joined other states with new employer sanction law,but needs the added teeth of the SAVE ACT, which will strengthen its enforcement power.

A new AMNESTY is in the works from Senator Obama, McCain which will flood America with even more of poor, illiterate foreign labor. McCain is a 'dark horse' because his original stand with pro-illegal immigrant groups. How can we trust either McCain to seal our border, when he is a hard-core globalist? Most globalists are open border, free market zealots, whose agenda is the free movement of cheap labor in the North American Continent. Read the sickening truth of criminal activity and violent crimes caused by criminal the illegal immigrant. NUMBERSUSA. LIBERTY POST, IMMIGRATION NEWS INDEXER, JUDICIAL WATCH, UNIPAC, GRASSFIRE, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION JOURNAL These sites report the news, not to be found in the restricted corporate media.

If we enact the Federal SAVE ACT (H.R.4088) enforcement only law. Millions of illegal aliens will leave by self-deportation. ATTRITION! No job, they will leave of their own accord. Only anti-American groups and Liberal-Democrat-Socialists are stopping this law. ASK THEM WHY?


JOIN 756.000 other American patriots at , to stop the travesty of our immigration laws. Learn about Immigration governmental corruption at


Posted by Brittanicus on Sep. 11, 2008 @ 2:56 pm

Um, yeah, US Citizen -- and why don't we just have the police go through everyone's houses? Guilty or not, if they find drugs or unregistered firearms they're committing a felony and can be charged with that too.

In fact, I think we should just have random traffic and street stops so that armed guards can check to see if our "papers are in order."

I mean, we've already shredded half the constitution -- let's go all the way. AWESOMEZ!

Posted by Marke B. on Sep. 11, 2008 @ 10:55 am

To be fair, why not just run everybody who is arrested through the ICE database? That way no one is singled out (profiled) and no chance of anyone "slipping" through. Guilty or not of what they were arrested for, if they happen to be here illegally, they have already committed a felony and can be charged with that too.

Posted by US citizen on Sep. 11, 2008 @ 7:13 am

We are allowing the government to frame the immigration problem for us. We must consider that in some cases, such as here, the government is not acting in our own individual best interest.

Thus, the term "illegal" associated with "alien" or "immigrant" is one of the government's invention.

What we as individuals must do is look at the problem from our own perspective. It is my understanding that this has not been done very often and has not been heralded very effectively.

The reality is that foreign nationals are in every recognized nation worldwide, creating a nearly fully integrated polyglot. To somehow require all these people to get their "papers in order" with respect to the local laws of each country is crazy.

There has to be a better, more accommodating, and global solution. Like a national identity card that is accepted worldwide. This different than a passport and should be a smart card with various data on it relevant to the bearer and the country he or she hails from.

Take a look at the end-to-end treatment of the immigration problem that has been prepared by Trigon-International, Inc. This is actionable, affordable, and feasible and more aptly it addresses the problem in situ meaning that the fix goes in without having to reset the pieces on the game board.

Posted by Leighton L. Smith on Nov. 03, 2008 @ 2:49 pm