Elsie update


Robert Reed, Public Relations Manager for the Golden Gate Disposal & Recycling Company emailed me this week, in response to my coverage of Elsie and her missing stuff.

"We share your concerns (posted on the SFBG blog last Friday) about Elsie losing her belongings and confirmed that we did not take her items," Reed wrote, after questions were raised as to who removed her worldly possessions from a street corner.

Reed further explained that, "Garbage and recycling collectors employed by Golden Gate Disposal & Recycling Company do NOT pick up uncontainerized items unless specifically instructed by the Department of Public Works, which oversees abandoned waste, and only then in the afternoons an on rare occasions. The incident in question reportedly took place in the morning near a vacant commercial building. We empty garbage and recycling containers at occupied buildings."

Reed also confirmed that his company received a call about Elsie's missing stuff from local resident Paul Skilbeck.

"Our route supervisor investigated the issue and verified we did not touch anyone’s personal items," Reed wrote. " Our supervisor then called Mr. Skilbeck and let him know that we looked into the issue thoroughly and we confirmed we did not take Elsie's belongings. "

Thanks for the update, Robert. Here's still hoping that someone will locate Elsie and her things.

ps. This just in from Elsie's neighbor, Paul SkilbecK:

"Elsie has reappeared one block away, on Van Ness/Washington...., but it is not good news. She has not eaten for days, she has not changed her clothes and smells, her ankles are swollen, which she says happens when she gets upset. And she is still refusing assistance. Recently she removed some rings from her fingers, and says she will give these away. It doesn't look as though she was able to overcome this setback."