Guerrilla campaigning in District 1


by Amanda Witherell


Our SFBG email inbox contained these photos this morning, sent by "Subcomandante Marcos" who said they were a "guerrilla street response to your excellent story in this week's issue."

For those who missed it, here's the story.

And more photos from Marcos. We love it when politics incite art!





Is it safe to assume that Comandante Marcos is none other than Marc "chicken suit" Saloman?
Isnt his housing plan for SF predicated on him personally picking who gets to be a San Franciscan?

Posted by Bob on Nov. 03, 2008 @ 8:18 am

Amanda, GREAT article this week. Thanks for enlightening your readers to who is, once again, trying to buy our city.

Posted by Andy on Oct. 30, 2008 @ 12:41 pm

Wonderful. When anonymous hits are done by the left, the Guardian cheers. When the same is done by the other side, they scream bloody murder.


Posted by d1voter on Oct. 30, 2008 @ 10:26 pm

yo, D1. the "other side" aka the corporations who spent MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars to crush the peoples' candidates across the city struck first blood and you absolutely know it.

what are we supposed to do? lie down and take it. fuck that. the very future of this city is at stake. nothing less. they declared war with their insanely well- funded independent expenditure campaigns spreading slanderous lies against good people who've fought for their neighborhoods and communities.

who the fuck has sue lee ever fought for? huh? that's right. just like the signs say: "greedy developers and big money landlords."

wake the hell up.

Posted by Andy on Oct. 31, 2008 @ 5:37 pm