Obama wins, but no SF results yet


by Amanda Witherell

Soon to be Assemblymember Tom Ammiano greeted by supporters at Campos for Supervisor headquarters

Up and down Valencia Street you could hear cheers echoing from bars and balconies when Florida flipped for Barack Obama. We have a new president.

But here in San Francisco, the new slate of supervisors is still pending. Outgoing supervisor Tom Ammiano just stopped by the David Campos headquarters at 24th and Mission Streets. He said the word from City Hall is "There's a long line at SFSU still waiting to vote and they're not releasing any results until everyone has voted." He's predicting no results on local races until 9:45.

In the meantime, a crowd of Campos supporters just took in Sen. John McCain's brief concession speech. "Good-bye," several waved to the campaigner's departing figure shown by projection on a blank wall in the back of the campaign office.