Election Night Hits


Obama tees are our overalll favorite, but John Avalos tees are a hit, locally.

The number one fashion hit, nationwide, was the ubiquitously beautiful Obama T-shirt. Ask anyone who wore an Obama tee on his election night, they'll recall how they were greeted with high-fives and whoops of joy as the news spread that Obama had done it, just like we always hoped and prayed he would.

Obama Mania at Union Square, San Francisco.

(As some pundits noted, though Obama was leading in the polls since September, his supporters had to stomach rumors of how the alleged "Bradley effect" would defeat him, right down to the finish line. Which may explain why Obama supporters particularly enjoyed the green-faced 'He Lost it" poster of John McCain that sprung up on election day eve).

Best overheard funny aside during Obama's victory speech?
When Obama said, "I will never forget who this victory belongs to" and someone in the Westin St. Francis, where I was watching Obama on a humungous screen, alongside thousands of Obama faithful, interjected, "Tina Fey!"

Best overheard funny aside during McCain's concession speech?
"Send Sarah Palin back to the ice box that she came from."

Most sobering line from Obama's speech?
'This victory is not the change we seek, but the chance to make that change happen."

Saddest moment of the evening?
The No on 8 campaign, as numerous gay couples and their supporters watching the early returns, hoping that somehow, miraculosuly, these would turn out to be just a geographical anomaly.

Most hopeful moment of the evening?
Obama saying, "America can change. Our union can be perfected."

D3 supervisor elect David Chiu whooping it up as election night results show him in the lead.

Biggest local eye-opener?
David Chiu, D3 supervisor elect, in reference to his race against Mayor Gavin Newsom's picks, Joe Alioto Jr and Claudine Cheng, "We have tried to run the strongest grassroots campaign against the most monied campaign in the history of San Francisco."

Funniest local line.
David Chiu saying," I didn't expect to be the ultra-liberal middle fiinger of Chris Daly's hand puppet", in reference to the now notorious hit piece that tried to smear progressive supervisorial candidates in D1,3, and 11, by depicting them as puppets of D6 Sup. Chris Daly.

Cutest election day moment:
Sup. Chris Daly toting his one-year-old baby girl, Grace, on the crook of his arm at the Board's Nov. 4 meeting. (Belated Happy Birthday greetings to Grace, who turned one on Nov. 3.)
Reporter Sarah Phelan hears all about David Chiu from a campaign volunteer.