Hollis Update: $40K and counting!


The Guardian http://www.sfbg.com/blogs/politics/2009/03/call_for_help_sf_artist_in_co... continues to follow the condition of local dancer and activist Hollis Hawthorne, who was in a serious motorcycle accident in India and is in a coma.

Things are still dire for Hollis in India. She’s still in a coma. She still needs to come home. And her family still doesn’t have the money to bring her here.

Hollis and Harrison, the man who saved her life, at the beginning of their trip.

But there is good news. For starters, Hollis’ condition has improved. She’s breathing completely on her own, the swelling in her face has gone down, and apparently she’s indicating that she can feel pain – all good signs. If she continues getting better, she may even be able to come home on a commercial flight (with oxygen tanks and attendants).

Plus, her friends and family have raised $41,150 as of this afternoon – almost double what we had just 24 hours ago. The outpouring of support, love, and financial help from friends and strangers across the globe has been staggering. Though we’re all worried about Hollis, many of us can’t help but feel giddy about how beautiful her community is and how much this situation has brought people together. It doesn’t seem like a stretch to think that all this good energy is part of what’s helping her improve.

In other encouraging news, a fundraiser called Gold Rush (Hollis' signature color, as well as exactly what we need and the speed with which we need it) has already been planned for Thursday, March 12, at Slim’s, featuring Extra Action Marching Band and both of Hollis’ dance troupes. Stay tuned for more information, including additions to the line-up.

Hollis at the Guardian's Mississippi Brodown last fall.

And thanks to friends of Guardian publisher Bruce Brugmann’s who run The Hindu in Chennai and have visited Hollis and Harrison in the hospital, we have reassurance that Hollis is in a very good hospital with excellent doctors.

Of course, we’re still not in the clear. Please continue passing on information about this remarkable girl and her dramatic story, as we’re a long way from $200,000 and Hollis is still a long way from home.

For updates on Hollis' condition or to DONATE, see www.friendsofhollis.blogspot.com or www.helpholligethome.blogspot.com. For more information or to help with the fundraiser, email molly@sfbg.com.

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