The "tax day" defense


This surveillance photograph of the suspected bank robber is posted at the SFPD's website.

The San Francisco Police Department has issued a description of a bank robbery suspect who threatened to blow up the Bank of America at 50 California Street, on April 15, aka tax day, if his demands weren't met.

Carrying a black lap top case, the suspect, who is described as "a white male, 6’, 190 lbs., last seen wearing a
baseball cap with “SF” on it, a khaki buttoned shirt, and blue jeans," allegedly "entered the
Bank of America on California Street, at approximately 12:50 P.M, and asked an employee to speak with the manager because he wanted to make a large withdrawal," according to a SFPD press release.

The manager took him to a room, where the suspect allegedly "explained that he worked for an organization that is concerned about government bailouts of corporations."

The suspect, who apparently was smiling throughout, then demanded cash, stating, that unless the manager complied, he would "detonate a bomb that he was carrying with him."

The cash, the suspect explained, “would go to people who deserve it," according to the SFPD.

The manager withdrew a large amount of cash from a vault and gave it to the suspect, who fled the bank on foot.

For more information--or if you have information for the police, call the SFPD's Public Affairs Office at 415.553.1651.


my daddy was a bankrobber
but he never hurt nobody
he just loved to live that way
and he loved to steal your money

some is rich, and some is poor
that's the way the world is
but i don't believe in lying back
sayin' how bad your luck is

so we came to jazz it up
we never loved a shovel
break your back to earn your pay
an' don't forget to grovel

the old man spoke up in a bar
said i never been in prison
a lifetime serving one machine
is ten times worse than prison

imagine if all the boys in jail
could get out now together
whadda you think they'd want to say to us?
while we was being clever

someday you'll meet your rocking chair
cos that's where we're spinning
there's no point to wanna comb your hair
when it's grey and thinning

run rabbit run
strike out boys, for the hills
i can find that hole in the wall
and i know that they never will

Posted by marcos on Apr. 22, 2009 @ 9:09 am

THis guy seems pretty cool in my book.

Posted by JUNIOR MCCANTS on Apr. 21, 2009 @ 9:49 pm