Gavin steals, then gives away, other people’s work.


Text by Sarah Phelan.

It’s no secret that Mayor Gavin Newsom steals other people’s work and promotes it as his own—once that work proves to be politically popular.

He’s done it to Assemblymember Tom Ammiano, Sup. Ross Mirkarimi, and former San Francisco Public Utilities Commission general manager Susan Leal.

And now Newsom’s gubernatorial campaign is combining stealing with an opportunity to give away Newsom-monogramed swag. Nice!

As Matier and Ross report, at Newsom’s block party at the state Democratic convention this past weekend, the Newsom brigade handed out 1,500 reusable aluminum water bottles embossed with Gavin’s name.

M&R claim that this act was a “reminder of his fight against water bottled in nonrecyclable plastic.” (Do we smell a Nathan Ballard-penned press release here, or was that a direct quote from Newsom’s perfectly toothed mouth?)

But the priceless truth about those free water bottles is that they are an embarrassing reminder to those in the know that it was Leal, not Newsom, who fought against the city's addiction to bottled water. A fight Leal announced moments before Newsom scampered back to City Hall to be confronted by his former right-hand man Alex Tourk about the affair Newsom had been having with Alex’s wife, Ruby Rippey-Tourk.

Perhaps worse (for those of you who aren't bothered by the idea that a guy who betrayed his best friend could be seriously in the running for governor) is the fact that Leal’s fight to wean the City from the bottle, included a two-year battle with Newsom himself. Sources tell us that Newsom used to hide his bottles (his favorite being Fiji water, whenever Leal walked into the room, and that it was her edgy lead on all things greenl that was the real reason that Newsom ultimately give her the axe.

Leal for her part is now at Harvard doing bigger and better things in an arena where folks aren’t threatened by her.

Meanwhile, Newsom is busy using Twitter, Facebook to promote other people's bright ideas as his own. Scary, init?