Video of Prop 8 protests


By Rebecca Bowe

Yesterday's evening rally in the wake of the California Supreme Court's decision to uphold Prop 8 attracted thousands. Click below to view a multimedia slide show of the events.

The evening might have ended with speakers at Yerba Buena Gardens, but an arrest that took place there touched off a spontaneous return to the streets. Click below to watch a video of the arrest. (We were not present when the incident began, but you can view photos that were snapped seconds before at Fog City Journal. According to the account on that blog, "emotions and alcohol set off a limited confrontation that led to an unpleasant arrest of a protester.")

After that, a march proceeded all the way to the intersection of Castro and Market, where an impromptu sit-in was held around dusk. In this next clip, protesters proceed down Market Street, while a motorist cheers them on.

Photos, audio and video by Rebecca Bowe