The cops and the carpetbaggers: Part II


This week, we report on the political fireworks surrounding the city's budget process, which got especially loud last week at the dueling rallies outside City Hall.

As the Chronicle noted, Police Officer's Association President Gary Delagnes -- who lives in Novato -- made waves by calling the city's progressive Supervisors "carpetbaggers" and "idiots" while speaking at a rally organized by the police and firefighters' unions to protest the Board's changes to the mayor's proposed budget. ("What the fuck right does Delagnes, who doesn't live in the city, doesn't pay property taxes in the city, doesn't even get to vote here, have to complain about [Sup. John] Avalos?" Guardian editor Tim Redmond wondered on our blog.)

Mayor Gavin Newsom was onstage shaming the Supes right alongside the police and fire union leaders, helpfully reminding everyone that seismologists have said it's not if, but when the Big One will strike. (Speaking of earthquakes, do we really want our hospitals to be understaffed and cut to the bone if disaster hits?) To really get a sense of how over the top the whole spectacle was, check out this slideshow of photos from the rally, set to the audio of Delagnes' speech.

Photos, audio and slideshow produced by Rebecca Bowe