Who controls Fox News? A relationship map


By Rebecca Bowe

The FOX nexus. Click here (PDF) for the full version, with key

If you picked up a print version of the Guardian this week, you might have noticed the relationship web we created to chart the GOP and corporate connections to News Corporation, the parent company of Fox News Channel. As we report in our Anniversary Issue, Fox has been criticized by the White House recently for its far-right slant, and its targeted attacks on Van Jones and ACORN have prompted outrage from the left. So we thought we'd investigate who sits on the Board of Directors of the mega-conglomerate that controls the so-called "fair and balanced" news channel, and drew up a chart of our findings.

Click here to download a PDF of the News Corporation relationship map and the in-depth explanation that goes with it. The chart only begins to outline the close ties between the GOP, mega banks, multinational industries such as petroleum and mining, and News Corporation.