PG&E's morning line of bullshit


By Tim Redmond

KQED's Forum had a show on Marin County's clean energy efforts and community choice aggregation this morning; the audio should be posted in an hour or two here. It gave me an opportunity to hear the greatest line of Pacific Gas and Electric Co. bullshit that I've come across in a while.

The director of the Marin Energy Authority, Dawn Weisz, talked about how her agency will be able to offer renewable power to Marin residents at a cost competitive with PG&E. Paul Fenn, the president of Local Power, pointed out that there's not a lot of risk here, and that public power agencies routinely offer cleaner power at lower prices than PG&E, which can't even meet the state's weak renewable energy standard.

Then up pops PG&E flak David Rubin, who has the most amazing line: PG&E, he says, loves clean energy and really wants to help the good people of Marin and San Francisco and the rest of California reduce their carbon footprints. But gee, he's concerned about CCA -- not, of course, because it might cause PG&E to lose customers (perish the thought) but because nice ol' PG&E is "worried about the risks to the taxpayers and the community."

Ladies and gentlemen: Pacific Gas and Electric Company has never worried about risks to taxpayers and communities. The company worries only about its bottom line -- and as host Scott Shafer (too gently) pointed out, CCA -- like any form of public power -- is a serious threat to PG&E's profits.

That's what the company is sponsoring a ballot initiative that would essentially end public power in California by mandating a two-thirds vote of the public for any new municipal power efforts.

PG&E has jacked up rates, gone bankrupt, provided lousy service and screwed San Francisco for decades. Now they nice folks over there are worried about the taxpayers.

Amazing. And this is the line that we will hear in the upcoming campaign to pass the PG&E ballot measure.