The weird Film Commission battle


By Tim Redmond

Joshua Sabatini at the Ex has been following the strange saga of Mayor Gavin Newsom's attempt to fire Stefani Coyote, who's been the head of the Film Commission for five years. And it's very strange.

A month ago, Matier and Ross broke the story that Coyote had been asked to resign. But apparently there's no resignation letter -- because she never actually quit.

And Newsom doesn't have the legal authority to fire the commission director; only the members of the commission can do that.

So the panel met Dec. 28 -- and instead of going along with the mayor's wishes, the commissioners rejected the demand and asked Newsom to meet with them to discuss it.

And guess what? The mayor still thinks he's firing her. And Chris Daly wants an investigation.

Wonder how this one will turn out.