Mirkarimi's mandatory foot patrols ballot measure


Text by Sarah Phelan


Sup. Ross Mirkarimi, along with Sups. Eric Mar, David Chiu, John Avalos and David Campos, submitted a ballot initiative today that asks voters to require the San Francisco Police Department to implement community-based foot/ beat and MUNI patrols.

The legislation would require the Captain of each district police station, in consultation with neighbors, merchants and community stakeholders, to establish and assign officers to foot/beat patrols within their station’s

The measure would also require station commanders to coordinate with adjacent stations for the efficient policing of distressed MUNI lines.

“Foot/beat patrols work very well in deterring crime and building trust with the community - it's proven throughout the United States," Mirkarimi said in a press release. "Walking or bicycling police beats or riding Muni should not be a luxury for the one of the best funded per capita police departments in the nation."

The measure, Mirkarimi said, would provide substantial discretion to the SFPD command staff and the City's district stations to define and modify beats in response to crime statistics, community input and evolving realities on the street.

Mirkarimi also submittied a hearing request on the implementation of an "Anti-Sit/Lie" law.

"There has been a great deal of misinformation on how this law works - completely absent from the public
discussion is both the District Attorney and City Attorney to substantiate any of the presumed effects," Mirkarimi stated. "There are questions that remain unanswered as to why current anti-loitering and
nuisance laws aren't being enforced."