How bad does Muni have to get


By Tim Redmond

Before Gavin Newsom is willing to consider extending parking meter hours to make drivers pay their fair share?

The budget picture is increasingly bleak, and Muni's talking about some very unpleasant cuts that may wind up to be ineffective; if buses are slower, dirtier and cost more, then fewer people will ride, and Muni will collect less fare money.

So how bad does it have to get? Does the system have to reach total collapse before Newsom is willing to take a little political risk and raise some money from people who drive downtown and park their cars?


Today (4-26-10) I had to wait 35 mins for the 33 line when the "next muni" said 7 mins. The Next muni boxes are a joke. How can a supposedly GPS signal be 28 mins off. Maybe muni is just making up numbers so people wont know how long they actually have to wait. If it said 35 mins people would simply start walking. Now they want to cut servive again I get off work around 10pm and now I have to wait 30 mins for the 31 line. Are you serious?, I could walk the 30 blocks it takes me to get home faster. And transfers, supposedly they are good for 90 mins after you receive one but if your waiting over an hour for two buses, whats the point of them? the way muni is going transfers should be good for 4 hours.

Posted by matthew lee on Apr. 26, 2010 @ 1:41 pm