GOP meltdown could help Jerry Brown


And lord knows, he needs it. Jerry's campaign is nowhere, his message is muddled, he's got no connection at all to young voters and unless he takes steps to define himself pretty darn soon, he's going to be chopped up into yesterday's hash by the Republican hit squads.

But here's a glimmer of hope: The last two GOP candidates are at war. Really. Steve Poizner has even called in the FBI.

In a remarkable letter, Poizner argues that Meg Whitman's campaign threatened to spend $40 million beating him up -- and then promised to deliver a U.S. Senate nomination to him if he'd come to his senses and get out of the race.

Here's an email that Poizner claims came from Mike Murphy, one of Whitman's top campaign consultants:


Pretty harsh. You know this stuff goes on all the time -- power politics is a lot like the world of the Mob, except more careers die than people. But only rarely is a consultant so stupid as to put it in an email.

Poizner wants the U.S. Attorney, the FBI and everyone else he can think of involved, but guess who gets first crack at what could be a violation of state election law? That's right -- Attorney General Jerry Brown. Who really can't lose here -- if he finds that Whitman's campaign was guilty of threats and intimidation, he makes his likely primary opponent look awful. If he thinks she didn't break any laws, he can claim a conflict of interest, make it sound like the feds really ought to prosecute, and walk away shaking his head.

A rare bit of good news. And a bit of insight into how Ms. Ebay would actually govern.




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