Supervisors come together to help Haiti


Amid all the political acrimony that divides San Franciscans, the Board of Supervisors has finally found something that it can unanimously and enthusiastically support: fundraising for relief to earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

All 11 supervisors are listed on the Facebook invitation as planning to attend a Haiti relief fundraiser at the Rickshaw Stop from 5-7 p.m. today (although Sup. Michele Alioto-Pier is still in the hospital recovering from a leg injury and is unlikely to attend). The suggested donation of $20 goes to the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund. See you there.

BTW, in case you’re wondering whether this event raises concerns about an improper meeting by the full board, Sup. John Avalos (who helped organize the event) responded by saying, “According to the City Attorney, the Supervisor fundraiser gathering will be OK as it is considered a ‘passive meeting’ and will not have a legislative function but a purely social one. The Clerk is also putting up a notice online.”