L.A. Times writer takes on PG&E initiative


Los Angeles Times writer Michael Hiltzik weighs in again on the PG&E initiative, which is now on the ballot as Prop. 16.

He argues that the deck is stacked in PG&E's favor here -- the utility can spend all the money it wants -- $30 million, $40 million, whatever -- and the public agencies that will be hurt by the measure have no ability to fight back since they can't spend taxpayer money that way PG&E can spend ratepayer money.

His conclusion:

Every candidate for governor should be required to state, for the record, whether he or she thinks it's OK for PG&E to subvert the electoral process by spending $6.5 million (and counting) exclusively for its own corporate benefit. Thus far the GOP candidates, Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner, have been silent as far as I can tell, as has the putative Democratic nominee, Attorney General Jerry Brown.

And the rest of us should turn out to vote June 8, by the millions, to make a statement about who owns the state of California: the people, or PG&E?



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