This is embarassing


Come on, folks.

Tiger woods just made international news with a 15-minute press conference in which he ... apologized to his wife. Oh dear me, I'm so bad, I've let the whole world down, won't you ever forgive me, I need more treatement, I need more therapy, please oh please I'm an awful human being but I'm trying to win back your respect ...

Ladies and Gentlemen of the press: Tiger Woods didn't kill anyone. He didn't run over a child, or beat up a nun, or stab someone to death in a drunken bar fight. He didn't steal money, or bankrupt the United States financial system. His dick just isn't that important.

And Tiger, dude, get a grip: You cheated on your wife. You had affairs. I'm not condoning it, but Jesus: If every prominent person in the world who was unfaithful to his or her spouse had to take six months off, go into seclusion and act like a little spoiled baby, the world would come to a halt and nothing would ever get done.

Man up, Mr. Woods. The Masters starts in a month and a half. Quit whining and get back to work.




While I agree with what Tim Redmond wrote, I had a problem with the "Man up" part. It sounds so macho It's becoming so overused. And I never hear anyone say, "Woman up" to a woman.

Be a responsible adult, Mr Woods, is all that is necessary. And can't people just stay out of his business. Over 50% of "straight" marriages end in divorce. Affairs are hardly anything newsworthy.

Posted by Sam on Feb. 19, 2010 @ 4:56 pm