Daly for mayor?


Sup. Chris Daly just called to comment on the selection of the next mayor of San Francisco. Gavin Newsom may want to change the Charter to mandate a special election if there's a vacancy in the Mayor's Office (thus preventing the district-elected supes from choosing a new mayor if he's elected lieutenant governor). Daly's already a step ahead: He's planning to introduce his own Charter amendment, which would mandate special elections to fill vacancies for either supervisor or mayor -- and the election would be a plurality victory. That means the person with the most votes wins -- no matter how many candidates or how small the actual victory total.

Under that scenario, a special election for mayor -- a crowded special election, with eight or ten or 15 candidates -- could go to almost anyone; someone with a loyal, organized and modest constituency could round up, say, 20,000 votes and be the next mayor.

Even, maybe, someone like Chris Daly.

And he knows that. "I will not be running for mayor of San Francisco in November, 2011," he told me. "But I would seriously consider running in March."

Gavin -- you sure this is a good idea?

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