Introducing Fossil Fools Day

"I pity the fool that burns fossil fuels."

"The fossil fools ain’t no joke – but that doesn’t mean we can’t fight them with one," say activists at as they announce plans to pull pranks April 1.

Citing destabilization of the global climate, and the inconvenient truth that communities from Alaska to Alberta to Appalachia are being destroyed by dirty energy extraction and combustion, super hurricanes, droughts, Rising Tide North America charges that in December 2009, politicians in Copenhagen, "sold us out to the fossil fools, corporate lobbyists and big banks."

"Now we’re left with 'green capitalism,' carbon market shenanigans and continued assaults on our communities and ecosystems," Rising Tide states. " If we’re going to stop climate change, the only real solution is to keep fossil fuels in the ground."

They are promising to convert the usual April Fool's Day jokery into Fossil Fool's Day, by "pulling some pranks that pack a punch."

In the Bay Area, some of these self-described clowns plan to pay a visit to Chevron "to send a message that fooling around with fossil fuels is fooling around with our future."

Rising Tide North America spokesperson Sarah Hampton told the Guardian that interested parties are invited to meet at 6:45 am, April 1 at Ashby BART station in Berkeley "to make noise and theater and educate the local public about our demands to Chevron and the atrocities that Chevron is responsible for globally."

"We are not announcing where we will be going," Hampton clarified. "But if folks want to get involved, they are welcome to meet at Ashby BART station, dressed like clowns and bringing musical instruments, as long as they are not planning to be violent."