ACORN did not commit voter registration violations


One of the craziest aspects of the whole ACORN saga has been how rightwing lies about the organization have been repeated so often that they have come to replace the truth in most people's minds.

For instance, according to the Office of California Attorney General Jerry Brown, there are no reports of votes that were cast fraudulently, thanks to anything ACORN did.

As Brown's press secretary Christine Gasparac clarified today, "ACORN itself did not commit, counsel, or aid and abet registration violations. Some of the canvassers employed by ACORN and paid on per registration basis handed in phony registrations in order to make money and all were all caught and rejected by the Registrar."

Now, I'm not saying everything ACORN has done has been without fault, or that the left isn't guilty of distorting facts, too.
I'm just saying that it's too bad that political discourse in this country has descended to the point that the truth is now irrelevant.

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