It's raining reindeer babies in Alaska


Whenever I want to find out the goods on Republican nutjob Sarah Palin I turn to, which also happens to be a great blog about all things Alaska.

And this time, instead of finding the latest scoop on Sarah "Moose in the headlights" Palin, I discovered that it's reindeer birthing season. And that mudflats' readers are being invited to submit names for the 18 or so reindeer calves that are expected to be born any day now at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks research facility.

Readers have already submitted names like Holden and Zoe and Saami and Tasha.

So, while Christmas is still over 260 shopping days away, and you probably don't believe in Santa Claus anyway, if you want to have input on names that could feature in the next rendition of the most famous reindeer song of all time, submit suggestions now.

As mudflats notes, "On Daniel, on Dawson!  On Pookie and Velvet!  On Coffee, on Cowgirl, on ….. Giggles and Ricardo? It could have potential."

And while you're at the mudflats site, check out their information on wolves. Because if there is one thing Palin has taught us, it's not to take our eyes off the most remote states in the union, lest bad things happen to the wild things there.