Why does the Catholic Church still exist?

Your collection-plate dollars at work

Johnny Angel Wendell, who wrote a piece for us this week about talk radio, does a show Sunday night on LA's KTLK radio called Southern California Live, and this week -- on Easter Sunday -- he had a great rant about the Catholic Church. You can listen to it here -- it starts about 22 minutes into the show. (Full disclosure -- I'm often a guest on the show, and was on last night, and you can listen to me talk about Meg Whitman and Gavin Newsom at the end of the session, but Johnny's bit on the church was better).

His question: Why does the Catholic Church still exist?

If any other major institution was caught doing what the Catholic hierarchy did -- allowing, or even encouraging, the abuse of children by its frontline workers -- nobody would go there any more. Imagine if Disneyland had this sort of scandal; no parent would ever take a kid there again. No school, or club, or program that involves or caters in any way to kids would survive a scandal like this.

I know, I know: It's about religion and faith that's supposed to transcend the foibles of the humans who run the show. But Jesus -- how can even devout Catholics allow this to continue? The pope and all the corrupt, sleazy bishops and cardinals ought to be thrown out like the devils cast from heaven in the Bible -- and until that happens, maybe all those devout Catholics should stop putting money in the collection plate.

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