Farewell, Jay Adelson's obsidian Tesla


News that Jay Adelson, chief executive of Digg, has stepped down as head of the company and will be replaced by Kevin Rose, Digg’s original founder, as the new CEO, has got the technological world atwitter.

A New York Times's blog post suggests that "Mr. Adelson’s departure was partly due to frustration among the venture capitalists who have invested $40 million in the company but have yet to see a return." The post notes that Digg lost almost 5 million users since September 2009, a drop attributed to the rise of Twitter and Facebook as ways to share links to news and information.

But the NYT post fails to mention that Adelson's departure from Digg, which is based on the top floor of the Guardian's Potrero Hill building, means his obsidian Tesla, which Guardian staffers dubbed the Batmobile, will no longer grace our parking lot. That's too bad, since it was definitely the best looking ride in our lot.

Instead, all we are left with is an empty electric vehicle charging station. And all you, dear reader, get (to paraphrase a Ringo Starr song) is a photograph of said Telsa charging station.