Candidates for judge: Harry Dorfman


We've been interviewing candidates for the two contested judicial races in San Francisco, and posting the sound files. The most recent candidate is Harry Dorfman; you can listen to his comments here


Harry Dorfman by endorse


I had the privilege to work with Harry side-by-side at the SFDA when I was there 1983-1997. I am now in Kabul with the UN advising and providing assistance to the Afghan Attorney General's Office, the courts and the Afghan Bar Association, among other justice reform projects.

Harry was always, and I mean always, professional, sensitive to the needs of the victims, witnesses, and rights of the defendants, and had integrity that was never questioned by the defense bar -- which explains in part why many defense attorneys support him, as I heard from them when I was last in SF.

Harry knows the law, and applies it in court, and the switch from prosecutor to judge will see him continue to apply the law fairly and with integrity. His knowledge of courtroom procedure and practice is unparalleled.

In additon, he is an excellent third baseman (softball) and loves San Francisco and its people with all his his heart.

I recommend him highly to all voters!

Posted by Michael E. Hartmann on Apr. 10, 2010 @ 10:30 am