The Chamber of Commerce scorecard: You gotta be kidding


The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce has released a voting scorecard on the supervisors -- and it's a bad joke. The Chamber says the scorecard shows who are top opponents of business in the city, the ones who don't support "job creation and government efficiency" -- two poll-tested buzzwords the Chamber will try to use in supervisorial campaigns this fall.

But there are only ten votes on the scorecard -- and they don't even remotely represents the most important jobs, business or economic issues the board has addressed in the past year.

Seriously: Does anyone think that naming rights for Candlestick Park has had a huge impact on the ability of businesses to create jobs in the city? How about a resolution supporting a proposed Contemporary Art Museum?

And since small, locally owned independent businesses are the single largest private-sector job generators, how does the Recurrent Energy deal -- a giveaway to a big power company -- help create jobs?

Of course, that's not what this is about. The scorecard issues were carefully chosen to make the progressives look bad. And, as always, the Chamber has completely ignored the fact that the largest employers in San Francisco are public-sector agencies, and that cutting government programs and blocking new sources of revenue are the real "job killers."

We're putting together our own scorecard, measuring a wider range of votes on key issues in the past year. What were the most important? What really mattered to San Franciscans? The comment lines are open.

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