Reading the tea leaves in the Arizona Governor race


A newly released survey of the AZ governor’s race at Public Policy Polling shows a tight race, with Attorney General Terry Goddard, a Democrat, leading all the GOP candidates, including current Arizona governor Jan Brewer, who just signed the state's racist immigration bill, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who has been treating undocumented Mexicans like animals for years.

 “The remainder of the race could hinge on the popularity of the controversial new immigration law which Brewer signed, Goddard opposes, and Arpaio, naturally, has lauded,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “Brewer and Arpaio could both beat Goddard if they rally illegal immigration opponents.”

According to Public Policy Polling's analysis, Brewer's handling of the immigration bill gave her a much needed boost among Republicans in her quest to snatch the GOP gubernatorial nomination from Arpaio and other Republican candidates. But Democrats and Latinos are now flocking to Goddard in droves, as calls for a nationwide boycott of Arizona grow.


Is Mexico racist for enforcing its immigration laws? It sure is hypocritical for complaining about our laws, which you commented on favorably the other day.

The Guardian should have an expose on racist deportations in Mexico and call for a boycott, then demand that the board of supes get Dennis Herrera on top of that.

Maybe those strippers are doing jobs that locals won't do and are really needed?



In the first six months of 2005 alone, more than 120,000 people from Central America have been deported to their countries of origin. This is a significantly higher rate than in 2002, when for the entire year, only 130,000 people were deported [15]. Another important group of people are those of Chinese origin, who pay about $5,500 to smugglers to be taken to Mexico from Hong Kong. It is estimated that 2.4% of rejections for work permits in Mexico correspond to Chinese citizens [16]. Many women from Eastern Europe, Asia, and Central and South America are also offered jobs at table dance establishments in large cities throughout the country causing the National Institute of Migration (INM) in Mexico to raid strip clubs and deport foreigners who work without the proper documentation [17]. In 2004, the INM deported 188,000 people at a cost of $10 million [18]. Illegal immigration of Cubans through Cancún tripled from 2004 to 2006. [19]

In September 2007, Mexican President Calderón harshly criticized the United States government for the crackdown on illegal immigrants, saying it has led to the persecution of immigrant workers without visas. “I have said that Mexico does not stop at its border, that wherever there is a Mexican, there is Mexico,” he said.[79]

In October 2008, Mexico tightened its immigration rules and agreed to deport Cubans using the country as an entry point to the US. It also criticized U.S. policy that generally allows Cubans who reach U.S. territory to stay. Cuban Foreign Minister said the Cuban-Mexican agreement would lead to "the immense majority of Cubans being repatriated."[80]


Posted by glen matlock on Apr. 28, 2010 @ 12:33 pm

Every other story is one on Arizona. Are you publishing an Arizona edition now? Why do I give a shit who the governor of Arizona is? I'm much more concerned with Meg Whitman than I am with Jan "Dipshit" Brewer.

Posted by Lucretia Snapples on Apr. 28, 2010 @ 12:56 pm

If you don't enforce your borders, then you will loose your country.
Look through history and you will see that it is the case.

It is critical to keep in mind that the laws passed in Arazona are just a mirror of Federal laws.
If you were going to get upset at them, you should have done so long ago.

Posted by Emily on Apr. 28, 2010 @ 3:14 pm

"If you don't enforce your borders, then you will loose your country."

You have already lost your country to Asia, particuarly, China. Pay back your debt with interest you will get your country back!

Posted by George on Apr. 28, 2010 @ 7:59 pm

Perhaps you ought to go to school. You don't "Loose" a country, you "LOSE" it. You can't spell Arizona. Perhaps you should return to Mexico.

Posted by Chuckie on Apr. 28, 2010 @ 8:12 pm

"...who just signed the state's racist immigration bill..." This is more SPIN than even FOX news can produce. Illegal isn't a race, Illegal is a crime. Illegal means just that: not legal. This is a legal issue, not a race issue. As for racism, I am white and my girlfriend is Latina. Her family legally migrated here, and they favor Arizona's new law, because it is unfair that they had to work hard to get here legally, while "illegals" are able to come here without having to take any of the legal steps yet are afforded welfare paid by the very taxes that "legal" immigrants pay into the system. Also, my girlfriend's Latino brother went to school in AZ, and he reports that while he was there he saw countless incidents of Mexican gang activity and Hispanic gang related violence. He said he was pressured to join Hispanic gangs because his skin is brown, and that's why he left. Perhaps white S.F. Bay Area liberal females should go walk the streets at night in Phoenix sometime soon before running their uneducated mouths regarding another state's business. Perhaps after being robbed, raped or run over they will come to sympathize with the plight of the regular folks in Arizona who are not racist, just very tired of the bullshit. Maybe then they would realize why 70% of the voting citizenship, a VERY LARGE majority, strongly support this new sate law, which is in fact only a mirror of existing yet unenforced federal law. But, as the Chinese curse goes: "May you find what you are looking for." You want open borders? It will be U.S. wealth that will suffer the most. Cities like San Francisco will become 3rd world slums.

Posted by Guest on Apr. 28, 2010 @ 11:16 pm