Sounds and slides from May 1 immigration rally

Rebecca Bowe

Thousands of people spilled out into the streets of San Francisco on Saturday, May 1, to march for federal immigration reform and to denounce Arizona's SB 1070, an anti-immigration measure widely perceived as a racist, ill-advised approach to addressing illegal U.S. border crossings. The law makes it a state-level crime to be in the U.S. illegally, and criminalizes failure to carry immigration papers at all times.

Sup. David Campos, who introduced a resolution at last week's Board of Supervisors meeting calling for a city boycott of Arizona-based businesses until the law is repealed, delivered remarks in Spanish to a crowd of rally participants, which can be heard in the slideshow below. (Those of you with delicate sensibilities may want a heads up that his remarks are interrupted a couple times by a guy screaming "Fuck Arizona!!!" right into the mic.) Campos' resolution is on the agenda for the May 4 Board of Supervisors meeting.

Here's a translation of the Supervisor's remarks: "Power to immigrants! Power to the workers! Power to the Latino community! Power to America! This is our country, we're Americans like anyone else. We're sending a clear message to the president and the Democratic Congress. They've been elected by the Latino Community. They were elected to pass immigration reform. It makes me proud that San Francisco was the first to send a message to the whole country. We're going to boycott Arizona. We're going to send a message to Arizona that they're not going to violate our rights, that they're not going to violate this country's constitution. Let's send a message to our brothers and friends in Arizona that you are not alone. We're with you. Power to the immigrants! Yes we can! Let's keep fighting onto victory!"

Audio and photos by Rebecca Bowe

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