If Nancy Pelosi's such a 'progressive' ....


... and even though Randy Shaw has become convinced that she is, I've never bought it, and I still don't. A progressive in Congress would never have privatized a national park. A progressive wouldn't have ducked same-sex marriage. But whatever -- here's my question for the day:

If Pelosi really believes in progressive causes, why doesn't she do anything about it at home?

Pelosi's almost never on the progressive side in local races. She never helps local progressive causes, raises money (which she's really, really good at) for local progressive campaigns or takes visible stands on local progressive issues. Would it kill the Democratic Party if she helped defeat Prop. 16? Would it be the end of the Democratic majority if she went to bat for her own city's sanctuary policies (and tried to block the horrible new policy on deporting anyone who gets arrested?)

Pelosi helped push health-care reform through, and that's a fine thing. But unless you want to redefine "progressive," I don't think Nancy Pelosi fits the bill. (And I'm still proud I voted for Harry Britt for Congress.)

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