And it was over before it really began

(1) co-founder Peter Schurman has dropped out of the governor's race. What, you didn't know Schurman was in the governor's race? Well, you aren't alone, but it is true that he was seeking the Democratic nomination, jumping into the race in March “in response to a widespread call for a stronger, more issues-based campaign than Jerry Brown was running at the time,” he wrote today in his withdrawal announcement.

I was among those at the time pointing out that Brown wasn't exactly bringing his A-game, but Brown was still a lock for the nomination and Schurman never really did get much attention or run a very strong campaign. Yet he says that his work here is done, so he's getting out and endorsing Brown: “Jerry Brown has begun to do what it will take to win: speaking up on issue [sic] like green jobs, reaching out to voters, and confronting the Republicans on their ties to Wall Street.  At the same time, the Republicans in this race are tearing each other apart.”

And speaking of work, Schurman closes his announcement with an appeal for some: “Of course, this means I'm looking for regular work again.  Please let me know if you hear of anything.”


it only encourages them. The candidates of the two gangs, Democrats and Republicans, are all garbage. This is a rigged game, folks. No one who supports what's best for the planet or the common people has a chance, because only those who can collect enough bribery money from the rich can win elections. And once they win, they have to pay back the bribes with their votes or, in the case of an executive like governor, their decisions on things like vetoing legislation.

Posted by Jeff Hoffman on May. 26, 2010 @ 11:58 pm

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