Lefty protesters greet Obama in SF

World Can't Wait urges Obama supporters to hold him accountable for continuing Bush's policies.

President Barack Obama arrives in San Francisco this afternoon (5/25) for a fundraiser at the Fairmont Hotel, where he'll be greeted by protesters from at least two realms of the progressive movement: immigrant rights activists unhappy with his administration's reluctance to take on immigration reform, and anti-war activists angry that Obama has continued President George W. Bush's pro-war and anti-civil liberties policies.

Both groups have been increasingly unhappy with a president whose candidacy they supported for the most part. In particular, the coalition of immigrant rights groups that will gather on the steps of Grace Cathedral starting at 3:30 pm say Obama hasn't done enough to counter rising nativist extremism or Arizona's SB1070, and that his administration has essentially nullified sanctuary city ordinances by extending the federal government's Secure Communities, which allows immigration officials direct access to information on arrestees in jails throughout the country (see our story in this week's Guardian for more).

“We are gathering to lament the intolerance and extremism that are setting back the national discussion on immigration. We need real solutions that uphold our values of fairness and compassion, and we pray for the President to take leadership to stop this heart-breaking separation of families,” Rev. Debbie Lee of Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights said in a press release.

Meanwhile, Code Pink, World Can't Wait, and other groups will also gather near the hotel starting at 3:30 to protest what it calls ongoing war crimes by the administration, including the escalation of war in Afghanistan, predator drone assassinations in Pakistan, Obama's continued use of extraconstitutional war powers claimed by Bush, opposition to efforts to expose and redress imperial excesses by the Bush Administration, and denial of due process rights to those labeled enemy combatants.

World Can't Wait has even made a point of calling on Obama supporters to hold him accountable with the slogan, “Crimes are crimes not matter who does them.”

Attendees to Obama's Fairmont fundraiser are shelling out $17,500 each to Sen. Barbara Boxer and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, while an even higher roller affair will be held later that night at the home of Ann and Gordon Getty.


"Rev. Debbie Lee of Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights said in a press release."

I also like now not agreeing with a lefty is "intolerance"

What separates these people from the shouting AM radio morons and religious conservative fringe again?

Posted by Mr Matlock on May. 25, 2010 @ 1:38 pm

Why am I not surprised that you're publicizing that Stalinist front group which, incredibly, manages to move from extreme left to extreme right by incorporating antisemites as well as Maoists in it's coalition-which-never-accomplishes-anything.

Oh, and FYI - for someone to be a "war criminal" they need to be indicted in a court of law with jurisdiction in the matter. Not, as World Can't Wait wishes, in a kangaroo court held in the back of bookstore in Berkeley.

Posted by Lucretia Snapples on May. 25, 2010 @ 7:47 pm

Since 1913 our Nation has been under assault. Every world war and regional conflict has revolved around money, power, and a International Bank Cartel, that Americans used to know and call the Money Trust: Paul Warburg, JD Rockefeller, JP Morgan (agent of the European Central Banks) and others. These are the men and leaders of dynasties still wealthy and powerful in America, albite bankrupt.

The Money Trust funded Lenin, and later Stalin. These same cabal members funded Hitler and Mao. This is now known history and well documented. How do we know? They and their progeny admitted it. We lost our Congressional control of our money in 1913 when corrupt Senators and a US President (who admitted his treason on his death bed) passed the Federal Reserve Act. There is more. Too much for this comment. When FDR and JE Hoover arrested Prescott Bush during WWII, for aiding the enemy and doing business with the enemy, the Rockefeller and Morgan and others' relationships were covered up. The Bush family made a good part of their fortune at a Work/Death Camp called Auschwitz. When FDR would not go along with their plans for after WWII he was assassinated. This is just ugly American history, we now have to clean up.

The Money Trust imported the top SS and Gestapo Leadership to the USA in Operation Paperclip, and Truman set up the National Security State. The Money Trust empowered Mao in China. The plan was to destroy America, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. There is so much more to the story in the 1950's and into the Kennedy Administration. JFK was going to dismantle the criminal syndicates that ran the CIA, NSA, and were already in a world wide drug business. When JFK started printing Constitutional Money, backed by silver, he was killed at high noon in Texas. GHW Bush ran the hit. Ugly. True. Kennedy was killed at noon in front of everyone to show us who was in control of our Nation, and our Federal Government. We lost our last non-traitor President at that time, 11/22/1963. The litany of crime since then is too much for this comment. GHWB went on to run the black ops on Nixon to take him down. The Bush-Nazi control of the CIA was consolidated under Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush.... and it looks like Obama is in on it now as well. What do the GOP and Democrats have in common since Kennedy's hit? They are all - every one of the Administrations are run by Council on Foreign Relations - or CFR Wags. Who do all these crooked politicians report to? Not you and me my friends, unless we take our government back and restore the rule of law in our Land.

The point of the rule of law, is that without it, we have no nation. Without our rule of law, we have no Constitution, no Bill of Rights (that Kamala Harris shredded in each and every corrupt trial where Baley Rights were denied the accused by Kamala in collusion with Gavin Newsom) no national integrity. Who is opposed to our rule of law? The Bushes are. Obama is. The Money Trust is. The Clintons are opposed as partners with the Bush Syndicate. The Banks and Monopoly and Duopoly Corporations are... they all are, Democrats and Republicans together. So why is no one going to jail? Good question. 37 days and counting and there still is no declaration of National Emergency by President Obama regarding the largest National Disaster to ever devastate our Nation. 911 is child's play compared to what we now are NOT dealing with - yet is IN OUR FACE - Everyone's!

I am running for DCCC in AD13 because I want to end the corruption of these CFR Democrats right here in San Francisco City Hall. I hope others do the same in every County and City in our State. It's time to deliver real leadership and build a New Democratic Party and take our Nation back - in real elections with real votes for real Democrats who have a loyalty and allegiance to our rule of law. We must end the War on Drugs - Nixon's war on America. We need to take the crime out of the Black Market that funds the CIA Black Ops. We need to fund our schools and address alcoholic addiction as the medical and social problem that it is - and not as some criminal problem to justify more prisons and more Police State. The Sheriff is an Elected Position, accountable to the People. That is how a County Sheriff functions. The SFPD are accountable to the Mayor - and last I checked room 200 as City Hall is a cesspool of corruption and I am calling it what it is, because you all know I speak the truth. I suggested the SFPD be folded into the SF Sheriffs Department. We do not need a private/public army that reports to a Mayor who refuses to divulge the criminal backgrounds of his Cops to our District Attorney and our Defense Bar - Public and Private. Gavin's hands are so dirty on this Drug-Stealer Scandal and the problems now with 10,000 to 20,000 other cases that we must now re-try. This kind of corruption is not joke.

Maybe I ought to run for Mayor. Code Pink are correct! Bush Lied - a million died. Obama keeps lying and how many have to keep dying? How many?

But the roots of our troubles go right to the money..... That is just the way it is. To take our Nation back will require local leadership everywhere. San Francisco needs to step up to the plate and deliver that leadership to each other and to our Sister 57 other Counties in our Golden State. I am not afraid of bringing charges and pressing for justice and a sure rule of law. Our Freedom and Liberty is sanctioned and protected by our Laws. I am an old school Democrat. I am not some CFR-sell out Syndicate Player. I am from the tradition of Moscone and Milk, and I claim it. If we are going to change the world - it starts with our City and County.

I noticed that the gamut of protesters were present and the Guardian got it wrong. If your going to report the news - report it correctly! The Tea Party People were there at the Fairmont and they are not Lefties. Those who want to Impeach Obama were there also and they are not Lefties. In fact this left right bull-puckie has no bearing on what we all must address now. This "deal" we need to affirm with each other, as citizens, is about us v. the Banks and huge corporations that are not natural citizens. I am proud not to be "chosen" by the Bay Guardian to be on some new Syndicate because the Machine is the Problem.

We have the resources to pay our city workers, cops, fire-personnel, health, and social services, parks and recreation, all. San Francisco used to be the City that knew how. I remember when standing for something use to matter. Well I stand for our rule of law and I stand with everyone, left, right, gay, straight, all races, creeds and colors. I am a San Franciscan. Before we take our State and Nation back, we need to clean house here at home and take our City back. I ask for your vote for DCCC in AD13 on June 8th.

Some of you don't know me. I was born at Stanford, and graduated from Palo Alto High School in 1970. I graduated from CAL in 1975, so I could have Jerry Browns signature on my diploma instead of Ronald Reagans. I have served as a Congressional Aide to the Honorable Ron Dellums. I have owned businesses in town and have enjoyed a colorful life. I am retired now and politics has become a hobby, maybe more. I have 4 kids and 4 grandkids, and all of them were born in California. This place matters to me. It's home. Let's get to work and clean it up and make it work again.

Posted by Paul Currier, Candidate for DCCC AD13 on May. 26, 2010 @ 12:25 am

I'm glad you talked about Code Pink and World Can't Wait. It is good to remind the public that Obama has only increased the amount of troops into the middle east.

Here's a video of what really happened that day in SF:


Posted by Guest on May. 26, 2010 @ 5:10 pm

Too bad the left continues to call for dialog but really doesn't want it. I support Arizona because I want the place where I live, the USA to be as safe as possible. People immigrating here need to do so orderly...background checks for crime, health checks, viability to survie here, etc. The left automatically yells 'Racist' at anyone who does not support an open border. So liberals please stop saying you want dialog...you don't. I am beginning to suspect there is a tinge of anti-white sentiment among the open border crowd, maybe even angst against their own country. I hope I am wrong.

Posted by GuestKen on May. 30, 2010 @ 11:52 am

"9-11 was an inside job. The government knew and planned it."

Who knew?

Lefty and righty NutJobs come from the same pod.

Posted by Barton on May. 31, 2010 @ 6:59 am