That strange DCCC tenant mailer


Paul Hogarth at Beyond Chron has a nice piece on all the money being poured into the Democratic County Central Committee races -- and the odd mailer from the Affordable Housing Alliance that talks about "renters choice" but then gives to nod to some candidates who couldn't even meet AHA's own standards:

One slate card that has attracted some attention is from the Affordable Housing Alliance – which touts the “renters’ choice” for the June ballot. While urging a “yes” vote on the pro-tenant Proposition F and a few progressive candidates, the mailing also encourages a vote for DCCC moderates Scott Wiener on the East Side and Mary Jung on the West Side. Which raises the question who exactly the Affordable Housing Alliance really is.

Well, we got into this ten years ago, when AHA was fronting for the Brown machine. Hogarth quotes from the story (which predates our current web system), but I've posted it here in case you want to read the whole thing. We'll see more of this in the next week or so as the race heats up; slate cards are a big business.