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The Chron's C.W. Nevius has made a big deal of moving back into town from the suburbs -- and the offhand comment by Steve Jones in an email to Nevius has almost become a sticky nickname. In fact, his own newspaper's website, sfgate, headlined his column "Suburban twit moves to city."

But Chuck's got some work to do before he starts to understand San Francisco values.

Take his latest column, about the Democratic County Central Commitee. Now, any Chron columnist (or anyone else) has the right to endorse and advocate for any candidates he or she wants. And Nevius is absolutely right to point out that the DCCC race is crucial, that control of the committee will have a significant impact on the fall supervisorial elections.

Here's what made me want to scream:

"So, if you're happy with the far-left agenda, check out the Bay Guardian. (Progs with name recognition like Peskin, David Campos, David Chiu, and John Avalos are probably shoo-ins. Daly is not running.) For those who'd like to see a swing to families, kids, and civility on the streets, here are some suggestions."

 A swing to families and kids? You must be kidding.

The single greatest issue facing families and children in this city is the cost of housing. That's why Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth, which almost everyone agrees is the premier family-advocate group in the city, has made affordable housing a huge priority.

Some of what a recent Coleman report says:

 "Two-thirds of all children in the city do not have a secure future in San Francisco

More families in San Francisco are low-income (43%) than middle-income (23%), and face economic hardship even when working full-time jobs.

Extreme racial disparities in family income and access to opportunity mean that the majority of children who do not have a secure future in SF are children  of color, and the majority of children who do have a secure future are white."

Coleman's recommendations: Build and preserve affordable housing for families -- not market-rate condos, not condo conversions, but below-market-rate housing.

From the report:

"1. Prioritize the needs of 45,000 children growing up in 20,000 extremely-poor and low-wage working families.  trategies must combine investing in a stronger social safety-net for families now, and investing in anti-poverty strategies that will prepare today’s poor children to become economically secure San Franciscans of the future. The city’s housing and educational policies must focus on the children and families with the greatest need, and not get sidetracked by the demands of middle-income or upper-income families whose needs are legitimate but not as urgent.

 2. Invest in affordable homeownership programs for middle-income families, but focus the vast majority of limited housing resources on building permanently affordable family rental housing."

That is exactly what the progressives -- the "far left" folks that Nevius decries -- have been talking about all these years. The candidates Nevius endorses are of the political camp that advocates more market-rate housing, more condo conversions, fewer tenant protections -- more of the kind of things that drive lower-income families out of the city.

The next priority is education. Families that don't have a lot of money have no option other than the public schools, and a lot of us who might be able to afford private schools still think public education is the way to go. What the schools need in San Francisco is pretty simple: They need more money. The "moderates: Nevius endorses -- who actually count as fiscal conservatives, by San Francisco standards -- are generally against raising taxes, as is our mayor. The San Francisco city government doesn't oversee the schools, and most of the education money in California comes from the state -- but San Francisco's Rainy Day Fund, and the willingness of the supervisors to put money into the local schools, has saved hundreds of teacher layoffs and helped the quality of the local public schools.

 Where did that idea come from? Progressive leader Tom Ammiano.

I'm a San Francisco parent with two kids, and I have a lot of friends who are San Francisco families, and none of us see the Nevius agenda as family-friendly. That's why we're supporting the progressives.


Like a Bush bot ranting about anyone who doesn't agree with the war in Iraq being against freedom and for terror.

Don't agree with the cities far lefts agenda and you are for; terrible schools, higher housing costs, and in SF, Israel.

Nevious's points seem to be that if you want more failure vote progressive, since that is what they have been delivering.

Posted by Mr Matlock on Jun. 03, 2010 @ 3:27 pm

I'm sorry to see The Guardian giving this guy any attention. He's just a "columnist" and his regressive views/opinions are no more important than that of anyone else.

I stopped reading his drivel some time ago. He reminds me of an Internet troll and he's very sheep in his thinking.

It's best to just ignore him. I do.

Posted by Sam on Jun. 03, 2010 @ 6:01 pm

Sam, you silly silly silly boy, if you are writing about him, you are hardly ignoring him or perhaps that simple concept is a bit beyond your limited capabilities :-)

Posted by Guest on Jun. 03, 2010 @ 8:49 pm

That "Guest" must be a "paid trool or is troll or trill", who the fuck knows?

Posted by Guest on Jun. 03, 2010 @ 10:21 pm

As a candidate I ask for your vote. Regardless of having presented the move comprehensive plan for affordable housing in San Francisco's future, I could not get any political oxygen from the "Progressive Establishment". What affordable housing plan as anyone put forward but me? There is a reason to convert the SF Housing Authority to Co-op Owned Properties. There is a reason to empower Tenants to work with the City and use eminent domain to further grow Co-op Housing in the now Privately owned multi-dwelling properties that choke affordability with "Market Rate Housing" that helps only Banks and the Uber-rich. Read my statement made to the Milk Club for details. I posted my proposal in detail at the league of Women Voters Website

The SFBG endorsement of Kamala Harris is now the SFBG endorsement of corruption in San Francisco. Progressive? Systemic corruption in San Francisco Politics is a core problem we need to address in Local Government. Easily six of the Willy Brown/SF Chronicle recommendations in each of AD12 and AD13 have to go. But look at the Willy Brown/SFBG Characters in the Guardians Slates for AD12 and AD13! How long are we going to put up with Coverups of SFPD misconduct that Deny Citizens Constitutional Rights? How long does it take San Francisco to comply with the 1963 US Supreme Court Brady Decision? How long does this crap have to go on while the whole Local Democratic Party turns a blind eye to the blatant corruption at both City Hall and at 850 Bryant Street? My Candidate Web Page is up on the SF League of Women Voters Website here:

I ask for your vote now for one slot on the DCCC in AD13. I suggest you make your vote count. Since there are two slates who deny any political oxygen to new participants, you can vote for the Bay Guardian Slate or the Willy Brown/Chronicle Slate. Can any voter easily see the overlap? Political Power does not like to be exposed. When has the Guardian dug into the Sequoia Voting Machine Scandal?

It always starts with "one". I am the only voice in this race that calls for cleaning house within our Democratic Party. Somebody has to start making noise about the cycles of corruption. How many Guardian Slate Members use their DCCC campaigns to evade SF Campaign Funding Laws, buy running for two elected offices at the same time. I can count. Good people don't do ethically challenged actions. Let's call a spade a spade.

If you are a voter with your own brain, you can be smart and not vote any slate. Why? To hold back vote totals from the slates (both) and use your vote wisely to put one person on the DCCC who will speak truth to power, for the good of San Francisco! I suggest you vote for one person only! I ask for your one vote to change SF. It's up to you. How long are we willing to live with corruption in San Francisco? Well? How long are you willing to live with corruption in Local Government?

Posted by Paul Currier, Candidate for DCCC AD13 on Jun. 04, 2010 @ 1:48 am

I'm SURE it was one of those. Sam is most excellent at spotting 'em. He KNOWS what's up.

Posted by Lucretia Snapples on Jun. 07, 2010 @ 2:26 pm