"A righteous win."


I just called Sup. Ross Mirkarimi, one of the leaders of the No on 16 campaign. He's cautious; we've both seen PG&E steal elections before. But the numbers are looking good: $50 million later, PG&E is behind and losing ground. "If 16 goes down, this will be such a righteous win," Mirkarimi said. "We will have defeated their scorched earth greed."



OMG! This is awesome! Congratulations Ross, and a sigh of relief for all of us. And... Prop 17 has slipped into the NO side!

AND the DCCC is looking great! We won the East side AND the WEST side!

AND Linda Colfax won!

And Nava's ahead of former Republican Ulmer (now changed to DTS for political expediency). We'll finish the job in November.

Not bad for a low-turnout conservative-leaning primary!

Too bad about F though.

Posted by Greg Kamin on Jun. 08, 2010 @ 11:48 pm