Day after 49ers vote, EPA says shipyard dust monitoring OK


The day after the 49ers scored "a touchdown with Santa Clara voters", the U.S. EPA announced it has finalized a report about asbestos dust control issues at the Hunters Point Shipyard.

Maybe the timing is all just a big coincindence. But the U.S. EPA was hopping mad earlier this year when Lennar claimed that "Obama's EPA" had declared the shipyard dust conditions safe, after viewing a draft copy of the U.S. EPA report.

So, there's one worldview that says the U.S. EPA delayed release of its final report, so it wouldn't get mixed up in the city's hearings on the final EIR for Lennar's Candlestick/Shipyard development.

Either way, if the 49ers really do leave, that's more land for Lennar to build houses on.

There's also the worldview that says the 49ers used the Santa Clara vote to squeeze a better deal out of San Francisco.(And as Lenny Kravitz likes to sing, it ain't over 'til it's over.)

But with city officials admitting  that it doesn't make financial sense to build a new stadium, it's easy to arrive at the view  that the city used fears that the 49ers would leave to rush approval of the city's final EIR for the Lennar project, a vast document that could have used more scrutiny and review time.

Anyways, amid  the competing conspiracy theories, it's worth taking the time to read the report i its entirity. And if you don't have the time for all that, here is the full text of the cover letter that the US EPA released today:

"Dear Bayview Hunters Point Community and Stakeholders:

EPA has finalized the report entitled, “U.S. EPA's Final Review of Dust/Naturally Occurring Asbestos Control Measures and Air Monitoring at the Former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard (June 9, 2010).” 

"About the Report:

EPA conducted a technical review of dust mitigation plans and an independent laboratory analyses of data associated with the City and Air District’s efforts to control naturally-occurring asbestos and dust associated with construction activity on Parcel A at the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. EPA also evaluated metals and radiation data for both the Parcel A development work and Navy activities on the Shipyard. "

"EPA made independent technical advisory services available to community members to review the data and EPA’s draft report.  EPA held a public meeting for the community to hear comments from the technical expert.  The comments and EPA’s responses are attached to the final report. "

"Naturally-occurring asbestos in dust at construction sites is a widespread concern in California where serpentine soil is common.  EPA’s report finds that best practices for dust monitoring and mitigation are in place at Parcel A and the Hunters Point Shipyard to protect the community by keeping exposures to asbestos, metals and radiation in dust within
acceptable levels."