SFBG Radio: Johnny and Tim on the election results


Today, Johnny and Tim talk about the stunning defeat of Props. 16 and 17, the future of Gavin Newsom and why the governor's race is Jerry Brown's to lose. You can listen after the jump.

sfbgradio6/9/2010 by sfbgradio


While it's good that Props 16 & 17 lost, showing that you can't ALWAYS buy elections, the loss of Prop 15 was a disaster. One of the two biggest problems with the entire electoral process is the legalized bribery called private campaign contributions, which not only makes politicians beholden to their donors but also allows the rich to buy elections, which CAN be bought most of the time. The loss of Prop 15 is probably worse than the loss of 16 & 17 in the big picture and the long run.

Posted by Jeff Hoffman on Jun. 13, 2010 @ 1:01 am