SFBG Radio: Johnny and Tim on the Whitman clan and class privilege


Today, Johnny and Tim talk about the Whitman family -- and why the rich are different from you and I. Not to mention some choice GOP oil spill commentary. You can listen after the break.

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I may be mistakenly mistaken, but I expect Barton to apologize for apologizing for his apology any minute now.

Posted by Guest JustinB on Jun. 19, 2010 @ 7:30 am

You gotta love it. After weeks of Republikanischen crying for Obabam to "act like a man and kick some ass," he does and they go guanophrenic (batshit insane) and call him a gangster. Actually, this isn't much of an ass-kicking; it's not going to hurt BP a whole lot, so they'll stay in business and keep kicking in for the damage (assuming they don't weasel out of it). It's not 20 billion up front, it's on a time-payment plan, designed to hurt a bit but not harm them, and especially not their investors. Many of their investors are retirement and pension funds for good honest working people, who deserve a bit of a break in this deal. Much as we'd like to strangle the company with its own innards, the collateral damage would be tragic for a lot of innocent people.

While I agree that the GOP is hypocritical as hell in courting the Latino vote while supporting Arizona-style breathing-while-brown laws, "cojones" is not equivalent to "chutzpah." Not even close; "cojones" is most often a term for courage and nerve of the admirable variety, not the unmitigated gall of "chutzpah." "Hipócrita pendejo" might come close.

Posted by Pieter B on Jun. 19, 2010 @ 8:08 pm