Turning Clinton's words into Brewer and Whitman's problem

The only aliens I know are extra-terrestrials

"Obama Admin has decided to sue AZ and we had to learn about it through Ecuadorean TV. Outrageous!"
So tweeted accidental Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, after Sec. of State Hillary's Clinton admitted that the US DOJ has decided to sue Arizona over SB 1070. 
Brewer, who faces a gubernatorial primary August 24,  is betting that  talk about immigration, will help her win the race.
"This is no way to treat the people of Arizona," Brewer said.

But wasn't that exactly the point Clinton was making?

And isn't it about time that the Dems figured out ways to counter the right's "illegal alien" meme?

Not just in Arizona, but also in California where Republican gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman recently told reporters in San Francisco that, "We have to prosecute illegal aliens and criminal illegal aliens in all of our cities, in every part of California."

As far as I'm concerned, (and I'm speaking as an immigrant to North America) the only beings on the planet who can truly be defined as "aliens" are extra terrestrial visitors. The rest of us are humans, thank you very much. And most of us immigrants are economic refugees, not subhumans who somehow deserve to be  treated like shit by a bunch of white folks who turn red in the California and Arizona sun, and whose ancestors came here for similar reasons--and without paperwork--not so very long ago.

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