Navy's destruction of Buck's Beach begins

This postcard was part of the India Basin community's ultimately doomed attempt to save Buck's Beach

The Navy has begun its promised destruction of Buck's Beach, a sandy sheltered beach along the India Basin shoreline that's technically part of Parcel B of the Hunters Point Shipyard. Navy excavators are currently removing all the sand, which will soon be replaced with rocks. 

Local residents who fought this plan are also upset by the installation of what they believe is an ugly anti-Kayak boom thrust out into the Bay, offshore of the beach. 

D. 10 Supervisor candidate Kristine Enea said she understands the installation is temporary, but wishes the Navy had informed the community of this detail before going ahead and implementing it.

"Apparently, it's to hold curtains that will stop sediment from going out to the Bay," Enea told us. "But this is another example of the kind of detail that may not seem important to someone sitting in an office in D.C, but is a big deal to folks who live here."