Raise Your Vote


Organizing for America , the successor organization to Obama for America, has aunched a new website called Raise Your Vote, which they hope will be the centerpiece of a huge voter registration effort. And more.
“RaiseYourVote.com isn't just a voter registration site,” OFA stated. “It serves as a powerful clearinghouse for voter information across the country -- armed with pretty much everything you need to know to cast your ballot. It even automatically personalizes to the user's location -- so when you visit the site, you'll see voter information for your state.”
“But the power of a site like this depends on how many voters see it,” OFA concludes.

No kidding. So, stop whining about how Obama hasn’t done enough, and start registering to vote. Because you can bet Alaskan Barbie and the crackpot Tea Partiers will be out in full force this fall.