Mirkarimi wants state franchise fee change


Sup. Ross Mirkarimi has introduced a resolution calling on the state Legislature to reform the law that allows Pacific Gas and Electric Company to pay a miniscule fee, in perpetuity, for the right to run its lines, poles and cables on and below the city streets.

The franchise fee was signed in 1939, and requires PG&E to pay just one half of one percent of its revenue to the city. Berkeley charges ten times that much. But since the deal has no expiration date, the supervisors can't renegotiate it.

If San Francisco raised its fee to 5 percent for both electricity and gas the city would pick up an extra $50 million a year.

Both state Sen. Mark Leno and Assemblymember Tom Ammiano have told us they're looking at ways the state Legislature could end perpetual franchise deals.



This is what I'm talking about. People at the SFBG (especially Steven Jones) spend so much time playing defense and reacting to Newsom's transgressions, very little gets accomplished. But look what happens when they actually go on the offense -- supervisors respond and take their ideas to heart. Spend less time bitching about a mayor that won't change his ways and is on his way out and spend more time promoting worthwhile and workable ideas that, with some encouragement, will bear fruit.

Posted by Matt Stewart on Jun. 28, 2010 @ 5:05 pm

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