SFBG Radio: Should SF ban pet sales?


In today's episode, Johnny argues that San Francisco should ban all pets in the city. Tim says his dog has a great life. Plus: The latests on the Mehserle verdict. You can listen after the jump.

sfbgradio7/12/2010 by jangel


I don't know, JW, I live in a dog city. There are parks and stuff. I'll tell you, as a disabled person and knowing other disabled people who own a dog or a cat, those wonderful creatures can be a God send. I see what you're saying about keeping them couped up, and frankly it should be stricter to get a dog, but I think overall you're wrong. As for stores selling dogs, frankly your friend nailed it, leave it to the shelters.

As for Oakland, I fear you may be correct.

Posted by Johnny Venom on Jul. 12, 2010 @ 8:24 pm

JW, I guess I'm coming out as conservative online but I'm gonna pretty much dis agree with you on both accounts .
Dogs and cats in the city .....depends on the owner , depends on the breed of dog, (cats don't need much room and make good apt pets...even if they are unsocial) I love the idea of shelters and I think also that your friend has a great idea on some guidelines behind being able to sell pets in the city. When are they going to make a law about having more kids then you can feed , cloth and responsibly take care of ......they need lots of room to run too, ( another show perhaps) .
Oakland,... heres the hard one , I understand that we all make bad choices and that it is a heartwrenching ordeal to watch a parent mourn the loss of a child or an injustice be overlooked but I personally think that when one engages in what society deems to be inproper behavior ( ie* robbing someone, carring an illegal handgun, rape, murder ect ....) or even being involved in an activity like this, even if you aren't the one that pulled the " trigger" that you are putting yourself in a situation where you could be killed, that's part of the so called rush and it's the chances that you take living a criminal life. As far as the police officer is concered....I can't tell you if he knew it was a taser or not but the antidote that you used about the layman pulling a hand gun out of his backback and blowing someone away was lame......how many times a day does the laymans life come to risk as opposed to a police officers? how many times would a gun enter a laymans life as opposed to a police officers? therefore it would make sence that there would be a different set of rules . But if he is indeed guilty he should go to jail. Conservative or not be prepared to stand behind the choices that you make or be a burden to socitey and blame everyone but yourself.

Posted by Guest Tulsatime on Jul. 13, 2010 @ 7:20 am

Completely disagree!! Banning pet stores that perpetuate the puppy mill industry, absolutely. Owning a dog in the city, totally different argument. It's been proven that city dogs in general get walked regularly, are more socialized and live happy, bealthy lives. Many family dogs in the suburbs & rural areas are stuck in a back yard with little or no activity. My dog goes to work with me sometimes, goes the dog park every day, hits the dog beaches, goes on hikes and once in awhile gets to go to doggie daycare. When you live in town and are a responsible owner, you are forced to get them out and about. City dogs rule and mine for one has it made.

Posted by Guest jennifer morrison on Jul. 13, 2010 @ 11:19 am

Seriously? Do you people in SF just want to keep anyone from living there? I think you people won't be happy, until the bay is a ghost time. Perhaps that's th cities intentions, becuse you people embrace the most restrictive laws.

For such a supposedly free thinking society, you people are the most restrictive. Ridiculous. Licensing? More government "nannying". Do you want (maybe you need) your government to whipe your butts for you, too? I don't. Most don't. I guess SF is an exception.

Banning animals:
The guy who thinks having a dog in the city is cruel? You're so ill informed. Jennifer Morrison already nailed it on that issue. What about animal's rights? Most owners treat their animals as children, some even better! Think of the rescued animals that might have been euthanized, if no one was allowed to own one in the city. What about disabled persons? Extensive research? LOL. You're an idiot.

Posted by Wrex on Jul. 22, 2010 @ 4:51 pm