Nice boats, Carly

Nice digs: The 70-foot Dyna Craft interior

Carly Fiorina's got herself a couple of nice boats.

Barbara Boxer, that damn liberal, is making fun of poor Carly just because she has not one but two yachts, one in Sausalito and one in DC. The Chron's got a pic of the 70-foot Dyna Craft, which looks a bit small in the photo. There's also a 56-foot Sea Ray.

Of course, as her spokesperson points out, it makes perfect sense for her to be part of a two-yacht family; after all, she has two houses. And if you've got two houses, you need a boat (which costs more than most houses) near each of them.

So let's check out the craft. Here's what the interior of the 70-foot Dyna Craft Laguna looks like. Here's one going under the Golden Gate Bridge.  A few of the features:

The D70 has a powerful yet elegant Italian-Designed profile. This is a superb large-size model with a high level of sophisticated design and luxury equipment. All surfaces are decorated with the highest grade materials that are pleasing both to the eye and to the touch. Like all DYNA yachts, it has a very high degree of customizability and is built with the most fastidious attention to detail and quality. This model is available in open flybridge, skylounge, and hard top version.

I'm partial to the flybridge, myself. The standard model is done in teak, maple or cherry wood, although it has (gasp) "synthetic leather headliners." I'm sure she tossed those out and got real leather. And I like that king-sized bed. The galley's got a full-size refrigerator, granite counters and a convection microwave, which I bet she doesn't use much, but I'd be making some mean mac and cheese in it.

Now here's a 56-foot Sea Ray, which is probably a little more my size. There's a nice slide show on the Sea Ray site; check it out. I like the galley a little better on this one that on the Dyna, and the accomodations, though not as luxurious, are fine for the likes of me. Check out the bath and shower. This baby has only 1,100 gallon fuel tanks, and the Dyna's got 1,300 gallons, but the Dyna's a beast and must use a lot more gas.

The Chron says the Sausalito yacht is valued at about $1 million, but unless she's had some serious interior work done, that seems a little pricey to me; you can get these things at a pretty steep discount these days. Last summer I met a guy who was ready to let go of his 60-foot Yacht for less than $200,000. Like a lot of the former HP folks that Carly laid off, he lost his job and couldn't afford the gas.

On the other hand, Carly's never had much business sense. She probably overpaid. 

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