McGoldrick to challenge Fang for BART Board?


The calls are already going out: former Supervisor Jake McGoldrick ought to challenge James Fang for BART Board. Bruce Balshone reported enthusiastically on the draft Jake effort in the Examiner, and when I called McGoldrick tonight, he seemed open to the idea. After all, Fang has been on the board 20 years, is the lone Republican elected official from San Francisco -- and frankly, hasn't done much of anything important in terms of improving transit (or controlling the BART police).

I called McGoldrick tonight to ask about it, and he told me he's open to the idea. "I'm just juggling and weighing parts of my life," he said. "I'm a teacher, the president of a union, the president of the Richmond District Democratic Club and a grandfather." But he added: "The one thing that's absolutely true is that James Fang need to be replaced. It doens't have to be me, but I'm giving it serious consideration."

Of course, he said (in typical McGoldrick fashion) that his family has to sign off: "I finally got home after eight years at City Hall and made some soup instead of being a supe," he said. "I asked my wife about it, and she thought I was talking about Bart Simpson or something."

Stay tuned.

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